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Jill DeClavasio walking two Dachshunds in front of brick building



When I was a little kid, I used to sit under the table with my Scholastic Clifford books and colour in the whites of the Big Red Dog’s eyes- I assumed the illustrator had forgotten to do so, and I was completing the picture. Thankfully, I’ve come a long way from those days- I now appreciate the beauty and balance that whitespace can lend to a design.


Translating my ideas from traditional mediums to a digital format has been an exciting and challenging transition from my roots in the fine arts. I enjoy the challenge of turning a project brief into a user flow, into a cohesive design that tells a story and takes the user on an exciting and enjoyable journey, no matter the product. I strongly believe that good design stems from a clear and thoughtfully crafted user flow.

Exploring my surroundings, both in the downtown Toronto core and outside the city, recharges my batteries and brings on new inspiration. Life with a dog guarantees a change of pace with every new day- adventure is always just around the corner!


Piqued your interest? I’d love to hear from you- contact me, and let’s make beautiful designs together!

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